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Friday, June 02, 2006

The rising crime rate in Harrisburg

I'm not one to worry much about crime most of the time. But the recent rash of shootings in Harrisburg is beginning to concern me. In the past, cities with notoriously high crime rates also have had problems with rouge police officers. In cities like NY and New Orleans, bad cops have been known to take up with some in the criminal element, and taken payoffs in exchange for turning a blind eye to gambling, prostitution and drugs. The end result, of course, is more crime. I'm beginning to wonder if that might be at the core of Harrisburg's problem, too. Could there be bad cops out there taking payoffs? I'm just suggesting that such behavior tends to be linked to some of the problems we are seeing. I hope the Police Chief and the Mayor have a good internal investigations unit looking for this sort of thing. Now, the Mayor has been calling for tougher sentencing and urging us to hold district magistrates to the fire when it comes to releasing defendants back onto the streets. I hope he is likewise looking at his officers and checking their arrest rates and response times for problems. And cameras in all the patrol cars wouldn't hurt, either.


Blogger Aries708 said...

It is not just the shootings.

For as long as I have lived downtown, I have known about the crime from neighbors with police scanners, not to mention learning about it first hand from friends that have been mugged at knife point or dragged down the street while clutching on to a purse.

Funny how we have never really read about the incidents that have occurred.

In the Patriot News, one rarely sees details of arrests in Harrisburg. Yet, we can read about every bit of crime in Carlisle...everything is listed in the crime beat in the very same Patriot News.

So crime is nothing new I think...we just have not heard about it as much until it materializes into something that "registers" like gun violence.

It is hard to hide gun fire from a neighborhood. It's a wee bit loud after all.

Sure would be nice for the Mayor to be a little less secretive with crime data too...

June 02, 2006  
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