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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

$16 Million slush fund?

In case you didn't catch the news, Reed just sold the Senators at a profit. But what's most interesting is a sentence from the news story:

"The next step, Reed said, is getting state support for renovation. The city has set aside $16 million and is eligible for $18.2 million in state funds, he said."

Okay, where is that $16 million sitting? Set aside? Where? Why hasn't it been used to balance the budget, pay for police or even for snow removal? More importantly, are there more pockets of money just lying around?

Please, someone audit this city!!!



Anonymous Mike said...

Reed needs to use that money toward a much needed remodel of Riverside Stadium.

The northern end of City Island could use a facelift too.

May 16, 2007  
Blogger Anniken Davenport, Esquire said...

That's not the point. What I want is an accounting of all the city's money. What is being held where and for what purpose? Then I want council and the mayor to set some real and realistic priorities

May 16, 2007  

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