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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

PennLive Censors

I posted a question about verboten postings last evening, and it is, of course, gone. What shall we do next? I'm going to try an As I See It article (they published one I wrote on med mal a year ago) and see if they take it.


Blogger GastonStreet said...

I was trying to remember the first time one of my posts disappeared on PennLive...a couple of weeks ago, it was a jab at Jason and his numerous screen names. He had made the remark that he thought there were probably only three people really posting, just changing screen names. I was agreeing, but also stating all three of the posters were him! Perhaps I was hitting too close to home for the censor. Have you noticed all the new screen names in the past week. All of a sudden the old faces are gone and new ones have replaced them. Do you think PennLive is "planting seeds" in the forum, to stimulate response and therefore increase their hits? I am thinking it must be profitable for them in the way of advertisement returns? Either that or the censor must be up for a contract renewal and needs to let them know he is doing his job? Just a thought.....

February 28, 2006  
Blogger Anniken Davenport, Esquire said...

The thing that really has me puzzled is that if they are trying to build readership, why would they discourage posting by some?
This is the pattern I see:

1. They remove posts that take a jab at Jason, but let him incessantly tout Harrisburg 2.0 (I haven't noticed those posts removed. Has anyone?)

2. They remove any post that asks about posting policy

3. They remove any post that questions the ethics of the delition policy

The question is why?

February 28, 2006  
Blogger Anniken Davenport, Esquire said...

Ironically, if they are looking to boost posting, the effect is the opposite. Not much happening on the Harrisburg forum today . .. or yesterday

February 28, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's because Jason Smith is out of town.

Check back in a day or so when he returns and note how many people miraculously return with him....

February 28, 2006  
Blogger Anniken Davenport, Esquire said...

You may be right. But does that mean that the censor loves Jason and just does not want anyone to beat up on him?

February 28, 2006  
Blogger hbggirl said...

Hey, Gaston - that is the post that I was referring to yesterday- I posted two comments, one including this blog address and immediately the entire string was deleted. And what I posted what just what you posted here - isn't it amazing how many new posters were on the forum...I suggested it was all of us who had been kicked off making up new identities and said that yahoo and hotmail must have been busy over the weekend.

I think it is interesting that Jason never gets deleted. Ever.

Adn you are right - not so much in the ways of activity, but Jason is away...so I bet things will start to be busy again when he returns....

February 28, 2006  
Blogger GastonStreet said...

Yeah, all is quiet on the Forum. I only once, noticed something of Jason's deleted, it was his letter to the Authority requesting documents, but within minutes, it returned. Like they had second thoughts about deleting it. Those new voices on the forum aren't me. I posted one time as Moonmamma and got deleted immediately. I tried after that but could not post. I haven't tried as GastonStreet lately either. I see that Jones is back on-line, so the rest of us have probably been "forgiven our trespasses" too?

February 28, 2006  
Blogger Jones1234 said...

Yeah, I've got the all clear for now as far as logging in and being able to post, but I posted yesterday about Jason being gone and amazingly a million others seemed to be silent, as well.

It lasted about 5 minutes.

March 01, 2006  

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