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Saturday, June 03, 2006

What's up on Pennlive Harrisburg forum

Somebody posting as hbgtruth and somebody posting as Waters2. As far as I can tell, they both seem to think they have something on the other and hbgtruth has another problem with Jason Smith. Pretty strange stuff, but I presume Milton will delete it soon - as he probably should.

"636. Divorce Settlement by hbgtruth, 6/3/06 18:13 ET Re: Measuring/Communicating City-wide Priorities by jasonsmith, 6/3/06
After the bitch slapping Smithy got in his divorce settlement, he'll have to move to a refrigerator box down by the river pretty soon. "

And this:

"632.4.3. HBGTRUTH by Waters2, 6/3/06 13:11 ET Re: Where is the Mayor? by Rollonroll, 6/3/06
HBGTRUTH, DO NOT dis me in any form. I'll go on this forum, television, radio and tell EVERYTHING (with documentation) that I've collected and can validate as Truth. Trust me, I'll turn this whole joint out. WHTM is chomping at the bit for some of this fire I have that will burn everyone from Giorgiones to Corleones to Clare Jones.
That little a#$ bit of money ($200,000.00) was from 2003 and assisted entities, city wide, that were constantly overlooked by administration and former Council. (orphanages to Youth baseball leagues)
And for you to reference $200,000 like it's the millions pilfered from this city over the years by Camp Hill residents, Congressmen, Senators, and Commissioners is the mark of a Patriot News subscriber. When did you ever see $200,000.00 last for two years in this city and actually have real results?
Trust me, b/w what the Waters' family has documented on this joint and the lines you're crossing by even referencing me, it WILL be a long hot summer.
Let me live, Baby, cause I know who YOU are, hbgtruth, and the next body laying out will be yours. Go play somewhere like Homeland with your boy Milt, Kid, I'm busy.
PS. I still have the Milt Lopus tape for the WHOLE city to hear. DFWM,F. "

and this:

"632.4.3.2. Dirty Laundry by hbgtruth, 6/3/06 18:20 ET Re: Where is the Mayor? by Rollonroll, 6/3/06
Please, let air some dirty laundry, then the truth will be known as to why you were removed from an administrative job in a school building to a job in the district office away from children. You might have been the only one who lost by a bigger margin than Smith in the primary. "


Blogger Anniken Davenport, Esquire said...

Well, I was right - Milton deleted the passages above.

June 04, 2006  
Blogger Jones1234 said...

One of them is still there.

I'm about 99% sure that Waters2 really is Eric Waters and this Waters/so-and-so fight = good stuff!

June 05, 2006  
Blogger Anniken Davenport, Esquire said...

Yes, I went back and the only posting deleted was actually my own - where I asked what was up with this fight and whether Milton would delete the passages. That's the only posting he did delete!

June 05, 2006  
Blogger GastonStreet said...

These two need to rent a Hall, sell tickets and go about beating the shit out of each other! If it happens, let me know, I'd pay to see it! We could bill it as a fund raiser for one of Mayor Reed's museums!

June 05, 2006  
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Blogger hbggirl said...

I know EXACTLY who they both are. Jones is spot on with Waters. I know who Hbgtruth is, too, and I think I have already shared with the troops.

Now it's confirmed by these arguments, don'tchathink?

June 13, 2006  
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July 04, 2006  
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