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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Court House 4.0

Two possible sites just announced:

"I wanted to provide you with an update on our progress of site selection for a new courthouse in Harrisburg. GSA has reduced its long list of ten sites to a short list of two sites. These sites include: the southwest corner of 3rd and Pine Streets which is bounded by Pine Street, 3rd Street, Cranberry Street and Court Street; and the southeast corner of 2nd and Locust Streets which is bounded by Locust Street, Court Street, Walnut Street and 2nd Street. During the selection process, these two sites rated well overall in the following areas: · Identity of Site within the Community · Consistency with Adjacent Activities, Land Use and Community Character · Compatibility of Districts and Scale · Cost Factors GSA believes that these site alternatives would best fulfill its statutory mission and responsibilities, giving consideration to economic, environmental, technical and other factors. A final decision on the site selection is expected by early 2008. GSA will continue to have an open process throughout the project and continue to solicit public input. An e-mail address and a phone line have been setup to receive comments and suggestions regarding the new courthouse. The public may send e-mails to HarrisburgCourthouse@gsa.gov or call 215.446.4933.


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