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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Patriot News' Brilliant Idea

Here's what the PennLive editor posted on the Harrisburg Forum and my response. Here's a profit making entity trying to get more free content and refusing to do it's job as a member of the free press:

787.2. From PennLive.com by sibanez, 7/21/06 20:37 ET Re: Penn Live Crime Response Meeting Sunday 3PM by jasonsmith, 7/21/06
From reading the forum, it is easy to see that there are several people here who would like to report on their neighborhood. We are getting ready to begin offering community blogs that will be showcased on the site with a focus on reporting the news currently not found on PennLive.com. What we are looking for is very wide open, anything from crime/safety items to Little League box scores will be welcomed; the goal is to really let the community become a partner with the site.
If you are interested in doing this, please drop me a line atsibanez@pennlive.com. If there’s anything you’d like to do to help point the spotlight on your neighborhood/interest, let me know, even if it’s not a blog, we are very open to new ideas.

My response: How censored will these be? My blog exists because you wouldn't allow me to speak here. Why should I do your job for free? Hire some crime beat reporters and do your job!


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