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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Well, well - it's bloggers' fault

Randy King is 'retiring' to a promotion as a lobbyist. Great, here we are, paying a pension for a 50 year old, who'll be collecting consulting fees from the city, no doubt!

To Quote Randy

"I've been the target of countless attacks, innuendo and defamation for years," he said. "In recent times, thanks to Pennlive bloggers, Patriot-News columnists and editorial letter writers, I'm now being threatened with physical harm, vilified as a political hack and reading frequent calls for my termination. That's the reward you get for years of selfless service."

Physical harm? Come on, no blog or letter I've read has been incendiary.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Randy King is only 50 and retiring with full benefits, it is no wonder that taxpayers can't keep their head above water. Treading water while supporting a comfortably retired, dead weight, public servant is next to an impossible task.

The taxpayers of PA facing double digit annual school tax increases are in the process of finding that out.

February 17, 2007  

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