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Friday, April 14, 2006

Another model for development

U- Street in DC is back - thanks to a Metro stop, unique shops and jazz. Will this be Third Street after the African-American Museum becomes reality? Let's hope so.



Blogger TattooJim said...

A museum that causes secondary growth? ..hmmmmm..sounds awful reedish...I guess susquehanna twp blossomed when OUR museum was built there instead of hbg...I think this whole notion of culture causing rebirth is flawed. If our streets arent safe or clean, and if hbg is known as the open air drug market of choice..culture or no culture, people arent coming here. Heck, the Civil War Museum lost 300 grand last year (well on paper it looks good because dauphin county handed the Mayor a check for 300 large to offset the shortfall. Dauphin county handed the check over, right after it let sherifs go because they didnt have money) The emporer has no clothes people...

April 14, 2006  
Blogger Ad Hominem said...

Museums are not for profit. they aren't supposed to make money. And any money dauphin county gave to the city was probobly federal money handed to the county for their use.

So what is the problem with that? and if that is a problem, shouldn't you take it up with dauphin? cutting funding is a sure way to get rid of something you do not like.

And susq. twn. is a success for a plethora of OTHER reasons. none having to do with the museum.

April 19, 2006  
Blogger Anniken Davenport, Esquire said...

I kinda like museums and don't see any reason not to spend on them. But I do object to quasi-secret collections of stuff to fill museums before they are created. That's like buying the furniture for a mansion before you build the mansion -

April 21, 2006  

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