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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Other city approaches to crime

Courtesy of PennLive member Change4Hbg, here's a list of other cities that report on crime:

803.3. Tid bits and comparisons... by Change4Hbg, 7/25/06 14:48 ET Re: Mayor comments on WHP 580 this mroning by cd3, 7/25/06
The State of Connecticut has a great website with information released on the good, bad and indifferent of their police activity .
Oconomowoc , Wisconsin (?!) even has a link provided on their website to their online newspaper which is allowed to provide their city with the current police reports, etc.
The city of Sacramento provides info on their police activity
I’ve also thought about the idea that Randy King may be considered the Public Information Officer even if that's not his official title, however upon further look at the true title, and what we’re all requesting of our small city is:
To provide clear, impartial and effective method of disseminating police information to the public and the news media; to ensure the accuracy and consistency of information; and to prevent disclosure of information that might adversely affect any individual or and criminal or civil court proceedings. (That doesn’t mean we don’t get to know about the crime, just the victims, evidence, etc, in response to Reed mentioning that they withhold info to protect.)
The Public Information Officer (P.I.O.) serves as the liaison between the Department and the public to promote public relations by:
• Assisting in handling crisis situations in the Department.
• Assisting news personnel in covering news stories as they pertain to public safety.
• Coordinating and authorizing the release of information about victims, witnesses and suspects.
• Coordinating and authorizing the release of information concerning confidential investigations and operations, as directed by the Chief of Police.
• Serve as a liaison between the Police Department and other City departments, as necessary.
Or perhaps all we need is the positive backing of our city and the police department, like the city of Macon in Georgia


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