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Friday, August 18, 2006

"Least vocal" residents lose courthouse fight

As I have said here before, it was the "least vocal" who lost out in the GSA selection process for the courthouse. Now, there's a surprise. It seems good ol' boy Barbara Shelton, who now admits she is the "ultimate decision maker" for the selection, has met with residents of Cumberland Court Apartments and is surprised at their anger.


Rival "groups" versus the "G" world

Last week, the Patriot referred to rival "groups" as a possible source of the tension that ended a 14 year old child's life. I guess "gang" can't be used. Well, if we can't even name the problem, we cannot solve it.

Other papers and other cities are more forthcoming, despite possible impact on "tourism." Take a look at this approach:


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Latest from the City

Rival gangs, shootings and general mayhem - isn't it time Reed and the police department did something? Or are they too busy on 2nd Street?


Monday, August 14, 2006

Development in Harrisburg

This weekend, the Patriot ran a series of articles on the New Harrisburg - and quoted someone as calling it "The new New Orleans." Now, that seems a bit off, but at least there is some coverage of improvements. I was encouraged to see that there are several new townhouse projects slated for Midtown. I was not encouraged to see Walmart may be scouting a site.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Censorship, Phase 3

Yes, the posts complaining about censorship - including the post asking why some topics are deleted that seem "on point," are gone.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Censorship, Redux

Today, there are some posts complaining about more censorship. Who actually controls what is censored? I thought we were making headway - but are we? Is it some sick game by our Milton?

Here's a sample:

852. Why are my posts being deleted? by jerseymikepa, 8/12/06 18:08 ET
Who's got an axe to grind?

852.1.2. Topic 848 Deleted by Swampfox22, 8/12/06 20:22 ET Re: Why are my posts being deleted? by jerseymikepa, 8/12/06
The series of posts under topic 848 have been deleted. Are there some caveats, restrictions or undesired topics that we need to know about? Are discussions about terrorists forbidden on these forums?

852.1.2.1. Basically by cd3, 8/12/06 20:47 ET Re: Why are my posts being deleted? by jerseymikepa, 8/12/06
If anyone complains about somethign it is removed.

852. Arbitrary Standards by Swampfox22, 8/12/06 21:19 ET Re: Why are my posts being deleted? by jerseymikepa, 8/12/06
How can that be true when there are a number of complaints about taxes, crime, politicos, smoking ban, etc, etc,etc. Seems that there may be some arbitrary censorship being imposed. It's funny that the newspaper web-site would censor when they find it convenient to talk about freedom of the press when they want to beat a particular drum but look at it differently when "John Q. Public" wants to evpand the envelope of discussion. Is this site under the paper or is it an independent site subject to the whims of whoever is "big daddy"?

Friday, August 11, 2006

Censorship Update

It appears that PennLive is relenting - that the censors are not censoring out links to this blog or onecityonevoice.com anymore. After months of protest, we have been heard.

When I spoke with Ibanez, he was somewhat defensive and asked for examples of posts that had been deleted. He seemed to think only off topic comments had been deleted. I pointed out that onecityonevoice was most certainly on topic, and that deleting questions about censorship was just plain odd.

Today, Ibanez actually posted a link to this blog as well as to onecityonevoice.com

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A conversation with PennLive Editor

Miracle of miracle, the PennLive editor actually called me today. Seems Milton is located at some central office in New Jersey, where he and others like him monitor the postings at PennLive to make sure they stay on topic. Mr. Ibanez admits that at times they may go beyond their mandate. He is meeting with them re censorship issues soon.

Another local blog

Here's another local blog to visit:


PennLive censoring crime fighting efforts

I'm sure everyone who has been reading this blog knows there is an effort underway to create an effective and accessible source for information on crime in Harrisburg as well as a forum to discuss solitions. The website, which is the brainchild of TattooJim and Jason Smith, but which appears to involve many members of the public, was recently launched and can be found at http://www.onecityonevoice.com/

Yesterday, the address was listed in the Harrisburg Forum. It was removed. Then someone asked why it was removed. That was also removed. Apparently, the Harrisburg Forum is not a place where it is safe to discuss actual solutions to Harrisburg's problems.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Cities push for inclusiveness, tolerance

There's a new initiative from cities putting out the welcome mat to a diverse influx of people. Here's the USA Today article. Note that York and Carlisle are on the list. Perhaps Harrisburg should follow their lead?


Time to Balance the News

I'm afraid all out emphasis on crime is creating the wrong impression. Yes, we need to do what TattoJim and Jason are doing, gather the information, press for more police protection, etc. But we have to balance that with the good news about Harrisburg, or we will create the impression this is a terrible place to live. Here's what one person thinking of moving to Harrisburg posted on PennLive:

831. Might move to Harrisburg, need advice by TonyNJ48, 8/4/06 7:00 ET
Where are the decent low crime areas ofHarrisburg?
I have read so much recently about the crime rate in Harrisburg that I am concerned about making this move.
Thanks for your help and advice.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Criminals now reporting on crime

Here's a good one. It seems that in the earlier, scary report by the Patriot on crime in Midtown, the crack reporters at the Patriot (that would be you, Ms. Carrie Cassidy) are interviewing the criminals on crime. According to police, and the PennLive site, a man just arrested for burglary and other crimes gave the Patriot News a fake name when he commented on the Midtown crime spree. It seems the guy's latest victim was able to ID the alleged burglar from a photo he saw in the Patriot News about crime in Midtown.

From PennLive:

"The burglary victim also was able to identify Robinson from his picture in Monday’s newspaper, where police said he gave a fake name to a reporter who interviewed him about the city’s recent crime problem."