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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Criminals now reporting on crime

Here's a good one. It seems that in the earlier, scary report by the Patriot on crime in Midtown, the crack reporters at the Patriot (that would be you, Ms. Carrie Cassidy) are interviewing the criminals on crime. According to police, and the PennLive site, a man just arrested for burglary and other crimes gave the Patriot News a fake name when he commented on the Midtown crime spree. It seems the guy's latest victim was able to ID the alleged burglar from a photo he saw in the Patriot News about crime in Midtown.

From PennLive:

"The burglary victim also was able to identify Robinson from his picture in Monday’s newspaper, where police said he gave a fake name to a reporter who interviewed him about the city’s recent crime problem."



Blogger Anniken Davenport, Esquire said...

I should also point out this is the same reporter I emailed after the original article came out, asking why she hadn't interviewed anyone who wasn't afraid. She never responded.

August 03, 2006  

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