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Thursday, October 26, 2006

layoffs announced

Well, the layoffs have begun. And according to the press release issued, other cost-saving measures will include:

1. Cutting the tax abatement for new homes from 10 years to 5
2. Increasing the sewer rate by 15%
3. Increasing the real estate tax by an amount to be determined

Notice that all this is beyond the Mayor's control, or so he says. It's all the fault of health insurance increases, delivering services to tax exempt entitites, the steel industry, e-911 moneys "that could not be obtained," and a rate swap opportunity on Parking Authority bonds that was missed because it took too long to be approved. I assume that last item was City Council's fault? Oh, I forgot - also there were decreased parking revenues. I guess that all the suburbanites here on the weekends don't pay to park. May I suggest running the meters 24/7?




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