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Thursday, November 09, 2006

All Not Well on Restaurant Row?

Did someone forget to make a campaign donation?

It seems Randy King doesn't like the acts playing at Dragonfly on restaurant row. According to the Patriot, Method Man, a musical ensemble characterized by music critic Randy King as "one of the most notorious gangster rap artists with a thug following," is attracting the wrong kind of crown to restaurant row. King added this not-so-veiled censorship threat -

"The city has repeatedly warned Dragonfly owner Judd Goodman about booking this type of act and the problems it inevitably draws to the downtown. His refusal to voluntarily curb this type of programming may result in the city pursuing nuisance bar closure action against him."

I guess Goodman isn't on the "in" list anymore.

You go, Randy. Never mind that the police (or what's left of the police force) didn't make any arrests after shots were fired in the vicinity. The answer to the budding crime problem is to shut down bars on Second Street.

Wait . . . I thought restaurant row was a shininsuccessss. . .


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