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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Did Patriot Pull It's Randy King Story?

The King quotes are no longer on PennLive - but I still had the article on my trusty Microsoft Clipboard. Here's what the original story said:

"Shots fired after Method Man concertBy Tom Bowman/The Patriot-NewsAt 1:30 a.m. today, police answered a call to River Alley and Pine Street for reports of gunshots. Officers found 12 empty shells from three different handguns at the intersection, said police spokesman Randy King. No one was injured in the shootings. At least one of the shots went through a window of a home in the 100 block of South Street. Police made no arrests, King said.King said the shootings followed a Method Man concert inside the Dragonfly Club, 234 Chestnut St. “Method Man is one of the more notorious gangster rap artists with a large thug following,” King said. “The city has repeatedly warned Dragonfly owner Judd Goodman about booking this type of act and the problems it inevitably draws to the downtown. His refusal to voluntarily curb this type of programming may result in the city pursuing nuisance bar closure action against him.” "


Blogger Aries708 said...

I have hesitated in commenting on this, but this warrants attention.

I know Judd. He is a successful business person. He is a straight shooter, at least when I have dealt with him on booking the Dragonfly for an event. You can only go by what you know, so in my book he is a solid guy based on my experiences with him.

Randy King can take a flying effing leap. Did Mr. Goodman eff up the city's finances? Ummmm...NO!!!!!

There are fewer cops because the Mayor thought it wise to create structural deficits to fund his hobbies, and City Council, at the time, gave him the carte blanche to pull it off. The current City Council is trying to "look" independent by only giving a partial-carte blanche.

Randy, Judd has nothing to do with this...he is a businessman...it is his job to make money with events like this. It is the city's job to protect and serve.

Come on!!! I am not happy about unsafe firearm discharge either, but this is not the fault of Dragonfly.

November 10, 2006  

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