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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Possible "bait" posts

Are these posts from the inside at PennLive, attempting to stir the pot?

"515. old school- eye for eye by earlofderby, 4/4/06 12:00 ET
what's old school......it sounds like you don't want to hear it. resist arrest, get shot-simple. there are no reasons to resist. the urban hbg scene is ugly with violence and there should be zero tolerance. too much MTV and thug play. "

"513. straight facts by leatherlungs, 4/4/06 13:58 ET Re: Those without sin cast the first stone by Ginger527, 4/4/06
He ran from the police. Obviously to hide something. Pulled something out of his pocket, probably after the police said to put your hand up. They had every right to shoot because if they didn't, they could be the dead person. "


Blogger Jones1234 said...

Interesting. They may be bait posts or they may just be jackasses. However Leatherlungs only seems to show up when there has been a mass banning of posters.

PS - All of the forums that I monitor have been DEAD the last two weeks...Milton better bait some more people than the good folks (with bad grammar) of Harrisburg.

April 04, 2006  
Blogger GastonStreet said...

Yep, Milton is Filthyman, aka, Leatherlungs....what next?

April 04, 2006  
Blogger Ad Hominem said...

Everyone else notice that the people who were posting on there 2 months ago are all gone with the exception of Truthwiz (who I think we speculated was Mr. Smith) and midtowngirl?

Everyone else on the PL hbg forum is new to that forum, at least within a month or so. I even noted it on the PL hbg forum and asked where they all came from. We will see how long that stays up.

April 05, 2006  
Blogger GastonStreet said...

Here is another post that was DELETED by Milton of PennLive, I was reading it when I noticed the current posts had changed, all in a matter of minutes. Milton must be at his desk....

527.2.1. totally racial-
by earlofderby, 4/5/06 17:02 ET
Re: gingerbread by earlofderby, 4/5/06
and totally will be over 3 months. your march meant nothing and nothing will change. if not for the cops, hbg is a war zone. the thing about drugs is this-easy money for the HS dropout dads having babies with little girls so they can collect from uncle sam......4 generations of urban women have been playing the same game. unwanted/abusive husbands-talk about stereotypes.......men don't count-right? kids don't need a dad??? no fathers has helped make this hopeless siituations. no family values obviously in your make up...except when it's close to home- good thing they put the curfew in......writing on this stupiid forum is easy-and don't try to convince me that things will change-they won't and you know why, because it is too far gone. because you are powerless to change anything. you are part of the problem.

April 05, 2006  

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